How to write the perfect job description

Employees are the most important aspect of any organisation and getting the right ones through the door is crucial to the success of any business.

This means that at every step, employers must take time to analyse and assess a myriad of factors within an application.

The good news is, however, that with the best possible job description, you can help get the right applicants for your role.

With that in mind, here are Postify’s top tips for writing the perfect job description.

Think about your ideal candidate

If you write your job description with a lot of precision, you can help cut down on people that won’t be suitable for the role.

We always advise employers to visualise their perfect employee for the position and gauge what details would appeal to that candidate.

It’s also an idea to develop a profile of the perfect person that you require, including their skills and experience, so that you can match this against applicants.

Although you should never be too rigid, having a good idea of what kind of person you’re looking for is the best way to start.

List only the critical skills that you require

Again, if you want to save time in the interview process, list only the most critical skills in your job application so that you know that every single person applying has what it takes to at least be in an interview.

Often, people looking for a job might assume that although they do not have a couple of the most critical skills, they could easily cover the skill requirements that are less important. This means that you will often get people through the door or on the telephone that are not qualified for the job that you are offering.

A clear, accurate, and well-defined set of skills and requirements, however, are the best solutions for getting the right kind of candidate.

Consider your keywords

When people search for new job roles they will often do this through search engines before they are provided with specific job sites.

With this in mind, ensure that your job ranks highly by putting the most important and relevant words in your job description so that people can easily find your post.

Write in a clear and concise manner that aptly describes every area of the role. Quite often companies might try and lure prospective candidates by being mysterious or creative, but this isn’t always the best strategy.

Ensure that people can easily find your roles with words that people will search for within search engines and job sites.

Describe growth development

No one wants to work in an organisation without opportunity.

If you really want to attract eager candidates, hint at how they can develop their roles and positions within the organisation and talk about how their role within the company can help it grow.

Furthermore, talk about your organisation offers exciting opportunities for the people that already work there.

Do not forget the crucial details!

Although this might sound a little silly, sometimes it is easy to forget the most basic details when you are concentrating on the harder stuff. With this in mind, remember to include:

  • Working Hours.
  • Location.
  • Skills and qualifications required.
  • Responsibilities.
  • Salary information.
  • Company information.
  • Employee benefits.

If you want to know any further information about how Postify can help you in your search for candidates, check out our contact page.

Posted on Jun 27, 2019

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