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Information Technology (IT)

Each position within IT comes with its own particular language and terminology, so technical understanding is essential. Similar to the training and consultancy work that takes place within IT we focus on fully educating and training our staff and implementing best practices specific to the industry from day one. A highly technical sector requires equally technical recruitment consultants.

We understand that no two IT positions are identical

Variables in software, hardware, scale and project methodology represent substantial challenges. Company culture is of equal importance. We enjoy speaking with our clients to learn about their organisation and what they expect from the perfect technical candidate and equally, what they can offer great talent.

We're a leading specialist IT recruiter

As a sector, IT poses a test that a lot of recruitment agencies fail to pass. The combined result of our investments, our network, staff training and resourcing, positions Postify as the leading specialist IT recruiter. We take pride in our work and operate a strict candidate pre-vetting process to ensure only the best are put forward to our clients.

Our Markets

  • Technical Support
  • Developers
  • Infrastructure Engineers/Specialists
  • Software Engineering
  • Network Engineers
  • IT Management

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